Welcome to Because of Hope

I f you desire more from the Christian life: a deeper, more meaningful walk with Jesus, than you are witnessing now, maybe my website, storytelling and journey will connect with you.

My name is Charles Harris. I live in scenic Green Bay, Newfoundland& Labrador, Canada. I’m married since 1970 to my best friend and life partner, Nina. We have served in active Church ministry until we semi-retired in 2015.

These days I offer my resources, prayers and encouragement on topics related to our journey. My question has always been, “What will I do with Jesus”? It is the Easter story of the Resurrection of Jesus that gives us the Hope and Expectation of our own through the grace of the One we serve. .

Charles Harris’s bio

I grew up in St. Joseph’s and Harbour Buffet, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the fifth of seven sons to our parents.

Dad was a Grand Bank dory fisherman, engineer, cook, boat builder, carpenter and just about anything else you wanted him to be…maybe a much better name for him would be “survivor”.

Mother was much more reserved and very contented to be a wife to him and mother to his children. Both were very active in their church and the PTA where my brothers and I went to school.

I learned early and well the importance and value of “giving back” to community and always helping others. These values became the corner stones on which my life and work have been built.