Because of Hope can be a life changing experience for YOU

The Grounding by Charles L. Harris
The Grounding
March 22, 2018

Welcome to the Because of Hope Blog!

In this and future courses or seminars we hope to help and empower your

understanding and growth in the concepts of successful, balanced living, taught

in and by our work.

Our Blog and study have one goal, that being, to further involve you in the work of creating the kind of life you want. All of our resources are designed to stimulate your thinking and to make the ideas of the resources a part of your daily living.

When we sit down and really think about it, we can be absolutely certain about our future in one of two ways: Our lives can be full of excitement, within our control, and be rewarding in every way; or, it can be an unending nightmare of mistakes, blunders and failures…large or small.

Contrary to the majority of thinking, life can be wonderful, and a real happiness. Life is continually bridging the gap which lies between where we are and where we want to be…becoming who we are.

That kind of happiness, in truth, is God’s peace for our lives, one day at a time.

Because of Hope course will provide the experience of learning how to overcome self-defeating patterns that prevent us from becoming who we truly are.  It challenges the individual to experience our way of life, with all its stormy seas and raging winds, while searching for the calm, peace and joy that can be one’s inner harbour by placing God in charge.

Because of Hope Course will teach:

1. Benefits of Remembrance

2. The role of beliefs and expectations

3. Benefits of Visualization



The Because of Hope course clearly shows how everyone can be happier, and more fulfilling by taking responsibility for her or his own actions as we witness and carry out our work.


We believe your application of the ideas, principles, concepts and interaction learned in the Because of Hope offered resources will add new dimensions to your life.


We all want the best quality of life for our families, friends and ourselves. And, through Because of Hope, we are building the foundation to achieve this.

Please join me today on this awesome journey.


Joy, Peace and Hope until next time,




P.S.  FREE. Yes, the course is FREE. All you need to do is enroll and purchase the book, The Grounding, which is the resource for the course.  The Course begins soon. Don’t wait…Enroll today.